David Pinto has been doing Paintless Dent Repair in Southern New Jersey since 2000. As many in this profession, I started out doing work for dealerships, cleaning up small dings and dents for resale, but I also started with the goal to bring paintless dent repair out of the dealerships and to the general public. This is when I started By 2001, I was servicing dealerships, and helping everyday people keep their cars looking their best! See what our previous customers have to say here!


Why we are different

Our No Drill policy means we are always striving to do the best possible repair while keeping the vehicle’s integrity. This means I do everything possible to do the repair by finding access for tools without drilling holes in your car. Because  I use state of the art tools, and I push myself to learn new techniques, you can be assured a high-quality repair as this is an art in metal shaping. There are also many changes in the materials being used. From aluminum to high strength steels, and even ultra-high-strength steel. Each has its own properties that present their own challenges. Learn about the safety concerns that can come into play when fixing even a small ding here. The safety of you and your family is always a top priority with The CAR Guy.

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